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Which dbSNP source should be used for 23andme raw data?

asked 2016-10-22 16:22:52 -0600

Carl Reese gravatar image

There are several dbSNP sources from which to choose on the GenomeBrowse browser (e.g., dbSNP 147 NCBI, dbSNP Common 147 NCBI). Which one should be used for 23andme raw data? What criteria is used to select one?

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answered 2016-10-27 11:11:44 -0600

Hi Carl,

To fully import your 23andMe variants you will want to select the full dbSNP 147 track and not the common subset as it will contain the most complete list of variants including the rare ones.

When you load your 23andMe data into the Convert Wizard it will auto detect the most recent track with "dbSNP" listed as the series name, so it should not even consider the common subsets as the series name is "dbSNPCommon".

image description

Let me know how I can help you further.

Thanks, Jami...

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