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Hi Shuoguo,

I am glad you have been enjoying GenomeBrowse.

The current BED format supported in GenomeBrowse is focused around displaying "generic" intervals that have just a start, stop and potentially a label and color defined in the data. Does your BED file contain transcript data, if so they we recommend getting the same data available in GTF as GenomeBrowse can easily parse this for visualization of the individual transcripts.

Another option is to load the BED file into our Convert Wizard (select File > Add then click Convert in the lower left corner) which will allow you to adjust some of the visualization options of the raw data. If you can provide an example of a plot that shows the data in your expected format that would be most useful in determining where GenomeBrowse can be updated with that feature.

Let me know how I can help you further.

Thanks, Jami...