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Hi Chelsea,

As follow-up to the conversation we had on the phone I wanted to let you know that we were never able to reproduce this particular crash with GenomeBrowse but believe it could be related to some write permission inconsistencies across your network drive.

As GenomeBrowse computes the coverages information for BAM files it stores the coverage file in the same location as the BAM file. If the user does not have write permissions to that location then this process could error out and potentially crash the product.

As a workaround we recommend loading your BAM files into GenomeBrowse from your local drive to compute the coverage. Then once the computation is finished you can move both the BAM file and the coverage file into the same location on the network drive. You should then be able to successfully load the BAM files into GenomeBrowse without any crashing.

Please let us know if you have any further issues.

Thanks, Jami...