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2013-07-31 12:55:23 -0600 commented question BAM file upload

Hi, Jami: Thanks for the answer. After unzip, I can upload the file; But the Coverage and Pile-up shows " Data is unavailabe at this zoom level". By the way, can i have your email address? I can ask your questions directly. Thanks. Haiyan

2013-07-31 12:51:43 -0600 answered a question BAM file upload

Hi, Jami:

Thanks for your answer. After unzip, i can upload the data. But for the Coveragae and Pile-up, the screen shows " Data is unavailabel at this zoom level.". Thanks.


2013-07-29 11:08:28 -0600 asked a question BAM file upload

Hi, We have the human cell line Hiseq RNA-seq data. The facility helped us to do the Tophat and sent us back the bam and bed file. I tried to upload the bam file to the Genomebrowser, and it always shows the wrong information " The *bam.gz" is not recognized as having a supported data format and can not be added. Sorry i am new to the RNA-seq analysis and the GB, and maybe i will have a lot questions in the future. Thanks.