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Thanks very much for the reply! In my Local Data folder is dbSNP 144, NCBI build CRCh_37_g1k; in User Annotations are Reference Sequence CRCH37 g1k, 1000Genomes build CRCh_37_g1k and RefSeq Genes 105 Interim v1, NCBI build GRCh_37_g1k. Should I externally convert to VCF first then import the VCF?

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Greetings, I am attempting to convert my raw 23andMe v4 raw data using the steps outlined by Jeffrey Moore on his YouTube channel. In the conversion wizard preview, the genotypes field is missing. Unfortunately I am unable to post a screen shot because this is my first post to this community. In the Preview box, I see all fields except genotypes.

To clarify, the input fields I see are: Ref/Alt, Identifier, Reference, Alternates, 0/1 Genotypes, Samples. The missing field is Genotypes. I don't know if this normal since the video was posted in 2015 and the version has since changed, or if this is due to a problem parsing the file. Thank you.