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Hi Christian,

I am sorry you are having issues loading your BAM and VCF files into GenomeBrowse.

The File > Add option should open the Add Data Sources dialog so you can navigate to the folder where you BAM and VCF files are saved. When you click Browse and then Folder, the files will not be visible in the Folder window if you are using GenomeBrowse on a Windows machine as it will only show existing folders. However, once you click Select Folder where the files are stored you should see them in the Add Data Sources window. Should look similar to the following screenshot.

image description

With Genome Browse you also have the option of dragging your files from a File Explorer window into the plot window, this will directly add them to the plot.

If you are still having issues can you provide some screenshots of what you are seeing and I can provide further suggestions.

Thanks, Jami...