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Hi Olga,

Thank you for your questions.

To add a new genome to GenomeBrowse we require an assembly file for the species. This file is basically a list of the chromosomes (or scaffolds) for the genome build. You can find examples of how these files should be formatted in your Genome Maps folder for GenomeBrowse by going to Tools > Open Folder > Program Folder. With the correct assembly file you can visualize your BAM file data as long as you also have the corresponding index file (BAI).

If you do not have an index then your species will also need to have a reference sequence available in GenomeBrowse format (currently IDF soon to be TSF). These files can be created in our existing SVS7 software from FASTA files using our existing data conversion tool.

We are in the process of finishing up implementation of our new conversion tool for GenomeBrowse. The new tool will not only create the reference sequence tracks but will build the assembly file as well as annotation tracks from a variety of other sources (VCF, Text delimited, BED, WIG, GTF). Once the tool is complete we will then be releasing an update of GenomeBrowse (version 2.0) that includes this new feature.

The new version of GenomeBrowse is schedule for release in mid-March.

Thanks, Jami...